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Apr 30, 2016

Hour 1: Breaking down Steve's latest appearance on Newsmax TV; why the bullies hate it when you punch them back. Ed Vitagliano from the American Family Association tells us how the Target boycott came together -- and why it could be successful.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 16

Hour 3: A new movie out in theaters about the Left's ongoing cultural holy war over global warming -- Marc Morano discusses "Climate Hustle". You asked, we answered: Feedback Friday.

Apr 29, 2016

After months of derision about Mr. Trump from the Steve Deace Show, the team has finally seen the light. Consider this a tribute to our great (future) leader:


Apr 29, 2016

Hour 1: It's a time for healing and a time for unity. We, collectively on the Steve Deace Show, have decided to support Mr. Trump as President of the United States. 

Hour 2: Paul Nehlen, a businessman and entrepreneur from Wisconsin, is primarying the sitting Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in his own district in that state.

Hour 3: An update on Fox Watch, a new feature where Todd keeps an eye on "Fair and Balanced" Fox News. Dr. Sebastian Gorka talks about his new book, "Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War".

Apr 28, 2016

Hour 1: Inside Politics with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review -- why Carly Fiorina is a good choice for Cruz's VP; the road ahead for Cruz and the conservative movement.

Hour 2: Hard truths for the conservative movement and the Cruz campaign.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday wraps up Steve's newest book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Apr 27, 2016

Hour 1: Putting everything in its proper perspective: encouragement for conservatives to keep the faith. Sam Rohrer from the American Pastors Network talks about his voter integrity checklist.

Hour 2: 10 questions Sean Hannity has not asked Donald Trump. Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel tells us about a plot by his state's establishment to take delegates away from Cruz and Trump.

Hour 3: Alex Epstein from the Center for Industrial Progress tells us what the true goal of progressive policies on global warming are.

Apr 26, 2016

Hour 1: Weekend News & Views looks at the partnership formed between the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns and Cruz mopping up the weekend delegate races.

Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader shares his thoughts on the race for the White House.

Hour 3: What a cult sounds like. Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood staffer, shares from her new book, "The Walls are Talking".

Apr 23, 2016

Hour 1: Why a man with everything appears to have been dealing with an emptiness in his life, and what it means for us. Celebrating Earth Day. Mike Woody takes us to the movies.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 15

Hour 3: Rebecca Hagelin from Women for Cruz joins the program to discuss Trump's comments on transgender bathrooms. This Week's Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us. You asked. we answered: Feedback Friday.

Apr 22, 2016

Hour 1: Steve takes calls and challenges listeners to give him one good reason to vote for Donald Trump.

Hour 2: Dr. Michael Brown and Steve talk about the ever-growing 'tolerance mob' -- and also how to deal with a cult. An early leader for soundbyte of the year.

Hour 3: Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America goes inside her new book, "Feisty and Feminine".

Apr 21, 2016

Hour 1: Statistician and political activist Michael Harrington has a unique take on the delegate math for the road ahead.

Hour 2: Listeners call in to focus group Ted Cruz's post-New York speech.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes inside the final chapter of Steve's book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Apr 20, 2016

Hour 1: Breaking down Donald Trump's win in New York. The road ahead and delegate math with Rob Eno of Conservative Review.

Hour 2: "Want Mind-Blowing Sex? Get Married (And Save Civilization)" -- Joy Pullmann from The Federalist explains.

Hour 3: Why our Constitution is distinctly Republican (not the party). Randy Barnett from Georgetown explains the common mistake many people make when discussing what our government actually is.

Apr 19, 2016

Hour 1: Reviewing what it means to live in a representative Republic. Weekend News & Views on Ted Cruz's win in Wyoming and Hillary's plummeting favorability ratings.

Hour 2: Ted Cruz talks economics with CNBC's Squawk Box; the team reacts to what they hear.

Hour 3: Why Donald Trump should've already won with the type of media coverage he's getting -- Rich Noyes from MRC explains. Making theology visual and entertaining -- Josh Byers talks about the book he co-wrote, "Visual Theology".

Apr 16, 2016

Hour 1: What would happen if the RNC caved to Donald Trump. Ted Cruz makes an appearance on Jimmy Fallon. Mike Woody takes us to the movies.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 014

Hour 3: An interview with CBN's David Brody. This week's Sign of the Apocalypse will make you want to throw up in your mouth. You asked, we answered: Feedback Friday.

Apr 15, 2016

Hours 1-2: Live coverage of the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders from New York City.

Hour 3: Reviewing Steve's recent interview on a Maryland radio station with a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Apr 14, 2016

Hour 1: Inside Politics with Conservative Review -- Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz discuss whether Donald Trump is a colossal troll or a moron because of the way he's handled the campaign. Speaking of morons, they also discuss John Kasich's comments on North Carolina's law regarding 'gender neutral' bathrooms.

Hour 2: What was the last contested Republican convention like? Reagan biographer Craig Shirley was there, and he tells us what it was like. Rob Eno from Conservative Review thoroughly debunks Trump Delegate Czar Paul Manafort's claim that Cruz would finish April with the least amount of delegates.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes in-depth on Chapter 9 of Steve's book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Apr 13, 2016

Hour 1: We take calls on what your concerns are about the likely coming contested GOP convention.

Hour 2: Dr. John Zmirak joins the show to discuss what exactly America is facing these days in the morality department. Also, 'You May be a Liberal if..."

Hour 3: Why young men should get married by the age of 23. Government gone wild with author Kristin Tate.

Apr 12, 2016

Hour 1: Weekend News & Views on Ted Cruz's sweep of Colorado's delegates and another Trump surrogate says something dumb.

Hour 2: Steve and Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader discuss the Trump endgame for 2016.

Hour 3: Praise for Bruce Springsteen and an introduction to the "Alt Right" with Rob Tracinski of The Federalist.

Apr 9, 2016

Hour 1: What recent headlines tell us about the primary race. The reptilian return of This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse. Mike Woody takes us to the movies.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 013

Hour 3: You asked, we answered: Feedback Friday.

Apr 8, 2016

Hour 1: Despite the fact the RNC would like nothing more than to screw over conservatives at the (likely) coming contested convention, Steve puts to bed some worries many people have about the process.

Hour 2: 10 reasons why the Democrats are headed for disaster this November. Fun! The Democrats are also having a cow about Republican investigations into Planned Parenthood.

Hour 3: Why Ben Carson is the Worst. Surrogate. Ever. Richard Gamble of Hillsdale College dispels some popular myths about the founding of the United States.

Apr 7, 2016

Hour 1: Inside Politics with Conservative Review and Daniel Horowitz -- taking a look back at Wisconsin and what the path ahead looks like for Ted Cruz.

Hour 2: Dennis Prager joins the show to talk about his powerful new column.

Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes in-depth on the 9th chapter of Steve's new book, "A Nefarious Plot".

Apr 6, 2016

Hour 1-3: Live coverage and analysis of the Wisconsin primary, where Ted Cruz dominated over Donald Trump.

Apr 5, 2016

Hour 1: Weekend News & Views -- both Hillary and Trump tick off both pro-lifers and pro-aborts.

Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats from the Family Leader discusses the path forward in the race for the White House, and why we're likely headed for a contested convention.

Hour 3: Sam Carpenter from Oregon joins the show to discuss his bid the U.S. Senate.

Apr 2, 2016

Hour 1: Walking through now till the convention. Mike Woody takes us to the movies and reviews Batman v Superman.

Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 012

Hour 3: You asked, we answered: Feedback Friday.

Apr 1, 2016

Hour 1: Examining Donald Trump's unfavorability ratings across the spectrum of demographics.

Hour 2: 5 ways to tell if you're in a cult.

Hour 3: You will be made to care. Inside the Left's mission to destroy conservatism and the Church in the United States with Bill Blankschaen.