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Nov 26, 2015
Hour 1: Signs the Rubio campaign may be getting desperate; Inside Politics with Conservative Review. Hour 2: You asked and..
Nov 25, 2015
63 days to go: an honest Iowa Caucus Roundtable. 2016 polls are starting to catch up with reality. The Clintons' War On Women. Obama blames Islamic terrorism on global warming. "Lawless:" a look at the Obama Administration’s unprecedented assault on the Constitution and the rule of law.
Nov 24, 2015
Is Carson falling and Cruz rising? Millennials don't believe in free speech. Americans don't want Syrian "refugees." After the Family Leader Thanksgiving Forum, is an endorsement in the offing? Key Iowa Caucus activist Bob Vander Plaats joins us. Has Trump out-lived his usefulness? A candid discussion of a Trump nomination.
Nov 21, 2015
Live from the Family Leader presidential forum with seven candidates: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Rick Santorum.
Nov 20, 2015
Meet the new boss in the Speaker's chair, same as the old boss. Correcting even more Bible butchering from Republicans and Democrats alike on the topic of "refugees." Steve's appearance on a Politico panel. Trump suggests a very troublesome idea.
Nov 19, 2015
David Limbaugh on his new book, "The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament." Let's review,'s not "compassion" to tithe with other people's money. How safe and secure are we really?
Nov 18, 2015
Bobby Jindal says bon voyage. Could Donald Trump really be president? "Last Act:" Craig Shirley on his new book on the final years and emerging legacy of Ronald Reagan. Ed Martin of Eagle Forum on the "white flag congress." One of our listeners asks "how can peaceful Muslims become Jihadists?"
Nov 17, 2015
Ted Cruz nabs coveted 2016 endorsement. Congressman Steve King joins us. The aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks. Previewing the Family Leader candidate forum on Friday. Ben Carson earns a pretty horrible headline.
Nov 14, 2015
Trump goes too far on Ben Carson...and then keeps going. Is this a self-immolation of Trump 2016? What the Ted Cruz immgration plan will actually do. Why "We Cannot Be Silent" with Dr. Albert Mohler. Friday replay features Gov-Elect Matt Bevin, This week's sign of the Apocalypse. Feedback Friday.
Nov 13, 2015
The Cruz/Rubio amnesty debate: fact from fallacy. Is it time to raise the voting age to 25? Trump really crosses a line with Ben Carson. We discuss the option of an Article V convention of states, with Mark Meckler. The mainstream media admit they are biased.
Nov 12, 2015
It's not a culture war; it's a war on culture. Mizzou's crisis built on another racial sham? Inside Politics with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review. Worldview Wednesday commemorates Veterans Day by asking, "what is a just war?"
Nov 11, 2015
Live coverage and analysis of tonight's FOX Business GOP Debate in Milwaukee.
Nov 10, 2015
Kentucky's Governor-Elect, Matt Bevin joins us. The Starbucks red-cup controversy...and checking our targets in the culture war. Can Ben Carson come back from bad press even stronger than before? Liberal lunacy comes home to roost in college campuses. Illegal aliens propose a "new Bill of Rights." An preview of tomorrow's Fox Business GOP Debate.
Nov 7, 2015
Why Ben Carson's campaign managers deserve to be fired. Yesterday. What you should know about Seventh Day Adventism with Todd Friel of Wretched Radio/TV. Mike Woody takes us to the movies. This week's sign the Apocalypse is upon us.
Nov 6, 2015
The disaster that is Ben Carson's national campaign. Dr. Michael Brown endorses Ted Cruz. Deneen Borelli of Conservative Review joins us. The field for the next GOP debate is revealed, minus two big names. Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation on the IRS targeting scandal.
Nov 5, 2015
Which candidate, other than Jeb Bush, would you like to eliminate from the GOP field and why? Worldview Wednesday on why the battle for religious liberty is so important, with special guest, Kelly Shackelford of Liberty Institute. Why Democrats don't care Obamaism has decimated their infrastructure. Inside Politics with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review.
Nov 4, 2015
Will Trump's latest attack on Carson work? Matt Bevin's victory in Kentucky and what it means. Lucy (the GOP) pulls the football from the Charlie Brown (conservatives) yet again. The New York Times profiles Steve Deace...what could possibly go wrong?
Nov 3, 2015
The brand new Steve Deace Show, powered by Conservative Review on the Salem Radio Network. Our very first guest: Senator Ted Cruz. Which 2016 outsider is most likely to fade: Carson or Trump? Why the race for the GOP nomination is down to its final four candidates, and who they are.